March 21st Birthdays

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March 21st, 2004 (March 21 2004)BirthCount Claus-Casimir of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg
March 21st, 1990 (March 21 1990)BirthMandy Capristo, German Singer (Monrose)
March 21st, 1988 (March 21 1988)BirthLee Cattermole, English footballer
March 21st, 1985 (March 21 1985)BirthAdrian Peterson, American Football player
March 21st, 1982 (March 21 1982)BirthAaron Hill, American baseball playerAaron Hill Quotes
March 21st, 1982 (March 21 1982)BirthColin Turkington, British racing driver
March 21st, 1980 (March 21 1980)BirthMarit Bjorgen, Norwegian cross-country skier
March 21st, 1980 (March 21 1980)BirthRonaldinho Gaucho, Brazilian international footballer
March 21st, 1980 (March 21 1980)BirthDeryck Whibley, Canadian guitarist and singer (Sum41)
March 21st, 1978 (March 21 1978)BirthKevin Federline, American dancer/hip hop artist
March 21st, 1978 (March 21 1978)BirthCharmaine Dragun, Australian news anchor (d.2007)
March 21st, 1978 (March 21 1978)BirthCristian Guzman, baseball player
March 21st, 1978 (March 21 1978)BirthRani Mukherjee, Indian actress
March 21st, 1975 (March 21 1975)BirthFabricio Oberto, Argentine basketball player
March 21st, 1975 (March 21 1975)BirthJustin Pierce, British actor (died in 2000)
March 21st, 1975 (March 21 1975)BirthMark Williams, Welsh snooker player
March 21st, 1974 (March 21 1974)BirthJose Clayton, Tunisian footballer
March 21st, 1974 (March 21 1974)BirthLaura Allen, American actress
March 21st, 1973 (March 21 1973)BirthAnanda Lewis, American model and television personality
March 21st, 1973 (March 21 1973)BirthStuart Nethercott, English footballer
March 21st, 1973 (March 21 1973)BirthJerry Supiran, American actor
March 21st, 1972 (March 21 1972)BirthChris Candido, professional wrestler (died in 2005)
March 21st, 1969 (March 21 1969)BirthAli Daei, Iranian footballer
March 21st, 1968 (March 21 1968)BirthDJ Premier (Preemo), hip hop producer
March 21st, 1967 (March 21 1967)BirthJonas "Joker" Berggren, Swedish musician (Ace of Base)
March 21st, 1967 (March 21 1967)BirthAdrian Chiles, British television and radio presenter
March 21st, 1967 (March 21 1967)BirthMaxim Reality, British MC (The Prodigy)
March 21st, 1965 (March 21 1965)BirthXavier Bertrand, French politician
March 21st, 1964 (March 21 1964)BirthAhmed Radhi, Iraqi international football star
March 21st, 1964 (March 21 1964)BirthJesper Skibby, Danish professional cyclist
March 21st, 1963 (March 21 1963)BirthShawon Dunston, baseball player
March 21st, 1963 (March 21 1963)BirthRonald Koeman, Dutch footballer and football manager
March 21st, 1962 (March 21 1962)BirthMatthew Broderick, American actor
March 21st, 1962 (March 21 1962)BirthKathy Greenwood, Canadian actress
March 21st, 1962 (March 21 1962)BirthRosie O Donnell, American comedian, actress, talk show host, and publisher
March 21st, 1962 (March 21 1962)BirthMark Waid, American comic book writer
March 21st, 1961 (March 21 1961)BirthShawn Lane, American guitar virtuoso (died in 2003)
March 21st, 1961 (March 21 1961)BirthLothar Matthaus, German footballer
March 21st, 1960 (March 21 1960)BirthAyrton Senna, Brazilian race car driver and three-time F1 World Champion (died in 1994)Ayrton Senna Quotes
March 21st, 1960 (March 21 1960)BirthRobert Sweet, American drummer
March 21st, 1959 (March 21 1959)BirthNobuo Uematsu, Japanese composer
March 21st, 1959 (March 21 1959)BirthSarah Jane Morris, English Singer
March 21st, 1958 (March 21 1958)BirthSabrina Le Beauf, American actress
March 21st, 1958 (March 21 1958)BirthGary Oldman, English actor
March 21st, 1956 (March 21 1956)BirthGuy Chadwick, English guitarist, vocalist and songwriter (The House of Love)
March 21st, 1956 (March 21 1956)BirthIngrid Kristiansen, Norwegian runner
March 21st, 1951 (March 21 1951)BirthRussell Thompkins Jr, American singer (The Stylistics)
March 21st, 1950 (March 21 1950)BirthRoger Hodgson, English musician, former member of Supertramp
March 21st, 1949 (March 21 1949)BirthSlavoj Zizek, Slovenian sociologist, philosopher and cultural critic Philo Quotes
March 21st, 1949 (March 21 1949)BirthEddie Money, American musician
March 21st, 1946 (March 21 1946)BirthTimothy Dalton, British actor
March 21st, 1945 (March 21 1945)BirthRose Stone, American musician (Sly & the Family Stone)
March 21st, 1944 (March 21 1944)BirthMarie-Christine Barrault, French actress
March 21st, 1943 (March 21 1943)BirthVivian Stanshall, English musician, artist, actor, writer, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (died in 1995)
March 21st, 1943 (March 21 1943)BirthIstvan Gyulai, Hungarian General Secretary of the IAAF (died in 2006)
March 21st, 1943 (March 21 1943)BirthHartmut Haenchen, German conductor
March 21st, 1942 (March 21 1942)BirthFrancoise Dorleac, French actress (died in 1967)
March 21st, 1940 (March 21 1940)BirthSolomon Burke, American singer Solomon Quotes
March 21st, 1936 (March 21 1936)BirthEd Broadbent, Canadian politician
March 21st, 1936 (March 21 1936)BirthMike Westbrook, British jazz composer, bandleader and pianist
March 21st, 1935 (March 21 1935)BirthBrian Clough, English footballer and football manager (died in 2004)Brian Clough Quotes
March 21st, 1934 (March 21 1934)BirthAl Freeman, Jr., American actor
March 21st, 1933 (March 21 1933)BirthMichael Heseltine, English politician
March 21st, 1932 (March 21 1932)BirthWalter Gilbert, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
March 21st, 1932 (March 21 1932)BirthJoseph Silverstein, American violinist and conductor
March 21st, 1930 (March 21 1930)BirthJames Coco, actor (died in 1987)
March 21st, 1929 (March 21 1929)BirthMaurice Catarcio, wrestler
March 21st, 1927 (March 21 1927)BirthHans-Dietrich Genscher, German politician
March 21st, 1925 (March 21 1925)BirthHugo Koblet, Swiss cyclist (died in 1964)
March 21st, 1925 (March 21 1925)BirthPeter Brook, British film director and producerPeter Brook Quotes
March 21st, 1923 (March 21 1923)BirthPhilip Abbott, American actor (died in 1998)
March 21st, 1923 (March 21 1923)BirthShri Mataji Nirmala Srivastava, Founder of Sahaja Yogav
March 21st, 1922 (March 21 1922)BirthRuss Meyer, American film director and producer (died in 2004)
March 21st, 1921 (March 21 1921)BirthArthur Grumiaux, Belgian violinist (died in 1986)
March 21st, 1920 (March 21 1920)BirthGeorg Ots, Estonian singer (died in 1975)
March 21st, 1920 (March 21 1920)BirthManolis Chiotis, Greek bouzouki virtuoso and song writer (died in 1970)
March 21st, 1914 (March 21 1914)BirthPaul Tortelier, French cellist (died in 1990)
March 21st, 1913 (March 21 1913)BirthGeorge Abecassis, English race car driver (died in 1991)
March 21st, 1913 (March 21 1913)BirthHeinz "Pritzl" Bar, German fighter pilot (died in 1957)
March 21st, 1910 (March 21 1910)BirthM S Khan, Bangladeshi intellectual (died in 1978)
March 21st, 1906 (March 21 1906)BirthJim Thompson, American designer and businessman
March 21st, 1904 (March 21 1904)BirthForrest Mars Sr., American candymaker (died in 1999)
March 21st, 1904 (March 21 1904)BirthNikolaos Skalkottas, Greek composer (died in 1949)
March 21st, 1902 (March 21 1902)BirthSon House, American musician (died in 1988)
March 21st, 1901 (March 21 1901)BirthKarl Arnold, German politician (died in 1958)
March 21st, 1895 (March 21 1895)BirthZlatko Balokovic, Croatian violinist (died in 1955)
March 21st, 1885 (March 21 1885)BirthPierre Renoir, French stage and film actor and director (died in 1952)
March 21st, 1880 (March 21 1880)BirthGilbert M. Broncho Billy Anderson, American actor (died in 1971)
March 21st, 1876 (March 21 1876)BirthJohn Tewksbury, American athlete (died in 1968)
March 21st, 1869 (March 21 1869)BirthFlorenz Ziegfeld, theater producer (died in 1932)
March 21st, 1863 (March 21 1863)BirthGeorge Owen Squier, American inventor and Major General in U.S. Signal Corp(d.1934)
March 21st, 1854 (March 21 1854)BirthAlick Bannerman, Australian cricketer (died in 1924)
March 21st, 1839 (March 21 1839)BirthModest Petrovich Mussorgsky, Russian composer (died in 1881)Modest Mussorgsky Quotes
March 21st, 1835 (March 21 1835)BirthThomas Hayward, English cricketer (died in 18976)
March 21st, 1811 (March 21 1811)BirthNathaniel Woodard, English educationalist (died in 1891)
March 21st, 1806 (March 21 1806)BirthBenito Juarez, Mexican statesman and national hero (died in 1872)Benito Juarez Quotes
March 21st, 1801 (March 21 1801)BirthMaria Theresa of Tuscany, Queen of Sardinia (died in 1855)
March 21st, 1768 (March 21 1768)BirthJoseph Fourier, French mathematician (died in 1830)
March 21st, 1763 (March 21 1763)BirthJean Paul, German writer (died in 1825)
March 21st, 1713 (March 21 1713)BirthFrancis Lewis, American signer of the Declaration of Independence (died in 1803)
March 21st, 1685 (March 21 1685)BirthJohann Sebastian Bach, German composer (died in 1750)
March 21st, 1527 (March 21 1527)BirthHermann Finck, German composer (died in 1558)
March 21st, 1521 (March 21 1521)BirthMaurice, Elector of Saxony (died in 1553)

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